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Mediation puts you in control of the outcome of your case! 

Mediation is the ONLY process in the legal system that provides YOU with control over the outcome of your case.  'Going to Court' is risky and expensive.  Wouldn't you rather be the one to decide how your case is resolved rather than a judge or jury?  Do you want the opportunity to tell your side of the story?  A trial or arbitration does not always provide this opportunity.  Even if you do testify, you will not be able to tell your story uninterrupted, or without cross examination. Mediation provides you with both the opportunity be heard and actively participate in the outcome of your case, including the terms of any settlement reached.  We are so confident of the mediation process that we offer a guaranty.

Mediation is voluntary and you are not forced to accept a settlement.  A dispute in mediation can only settle if the parties agree on the terms of the settlement.  This provides you with a unique opportunity to resolve your case, save money (litigation is expensive) reduce stress (litigation is stressful even if you win), and save your valuable time (litigation can last years).  Wouldn't you rather resolve your dispute now so you can move on with your business and life?  We can help you through mediation.

Mediation is most effective when utilized before litigation begins.  Many contracts now provide for mediation as the method to resolve any disputes.  Mediation is also effective in preserving relationships with long term business partners while resolving a temporary dispute under the contract.  If you want more information on mediation clauses for contracts, click here for some sample mediation clauses. 

If you are already a party to limitation, mediation can still greatly reduce the time, cost and stress involved in litigating a case to judgment, and through the appeals process.  The earlier in the dispute process you are able to mediate, the more time, stress and money you will save. 

We are available for pre-litigation mediation, which provides the greatest savings of time and money along with an increased likelihood of reaching a negotiated resolution while preserving your business relationships.

Information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and not intended as legal advice.

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